If you believe there may be a warrant out for you or your loved one in San Antonio, Texas its important to be informed of this so that you are not arrested at an inconvenient time. Most warrant checks can be done for free online. A warrant check in Bexar County can be easily conducted by doing a search of the Bexar County records to see if there is an active warrant. If it turns out to be an active warrant, a bond can be posted without the need to spend hours in the Bexar County Jail. There is a walk through procedure, where a person can turn themselves in to the Bexar County jail satellite office, which is much faster to go through than sitting at the Bexar County jail. If you have missed a court date previously, it is very likely that a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you have failed to pay traffic citations, once in a while SAPD will conduct warrant roundups. If this is something you are worried about, the San Antonio Municipal Court accepts online payments to take care of traffic violations. They also have an online warrant search.